“I feel like I’ve been very lucky because I don’t really have an addictive personality. I’ve never had any drugs, and I had a little taste of alcohol when I was 12 years old, but that’s about it,” she wrote. Country crooner Keith Urban https://logopediya.com/books-pedagogika2/17-10.php entered rehab twice for his struggles with substance abuse — the second time being in 2006 at his wife’s insistence. Many stars have bravely spoken out about their struggles with substance abuse and their journeys to sobriety.

Celebrities in Recovery: Famous People Who’ve Battled Addiction

  • The more stars can help normalize addiction struggles, the easier it is for people to admit they need help and seek treatment.
  • Robert Downey Jr. was arrested multiple times on drug-related charges over the span of a few years in the late ’90s.
  • Summit Malibu is the longest running boutique addiction treatment center in Malibu, California.
  • Below are 15 famous people who struggled with alcohol addiction and found recovery.

The sitcom and movie star sought treatment and eventually ran a sober living facility and was later also awarded by The Phoenix House for his contribution. Samuel has many times also talked about how recovery from addiction has helped him become a better actor. After witnessing the http://www.russsia.ru/vse-o-svadbe/svadebnyie-sapozhki-40.html death of his close friend Ryan White, a young AIDS activist, Elton addressed his addiction and felt regret about spending a decade (the 1970s-80s) in alcohol and cocaine misuse. “Which they tell you is going to happen. And that did happen. I just started drinking,” he revealed.

A Short List of Celebrity Alcohol Abuse

He did not take his spiraling addiction seriously and cut ties with anyone who expressed concern over his prescription pill use. It was only after doctors told him that he had ingested the equivalent of four bags of heroin that he sought help, even reaching out to Elton John for advice. Post-rehab, he ended up in the hospital after an overdose, and he was clean for two weeks before relapsing again.

Sober celebrities: 41 stars who have opened up about their sobriety

  • He says fallout from the public release of a videotape of him having sex pushed him to the point where he realized he needed help.
  • His contributions extend to a broader conversation about mental health and recovery within the entertainment industry, elevating him as a prominent advocate for those facing similar struggles.
  • He explained on his podcast that he began using the painkiller Vicodin, which he was prescribed after the accident in August 2020, and for eight weeks he was on it “all day.”
  • It might surprise you that while portraying the hilarious Chandler Bing, Perry entered rehab twice.
  • Since then, she has consistently praised those who decide to get sober and states that it is the best decision she ever made.

Drew Barrymore infamously frequented Studio 54 as a child star and consequently had easy access to drugs and alcohol. In 2023, a person close to the singer confirmed she is still living an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle. “If you would have told me 365 days ago that I would be sober, happy, and about to be a mumma I would have laughed in your face. Life is truly amazing when you http://travelforlife.ru/p818/l9/index.html do the work. Thank you to everyone that has supported me on this journey.” Tim McGraw quit drinking in 2008 when his family and friends began to worry about him. “Thank you to all the people who have helped me to remain clean. It’s never done on your own.” “I’ve never hid it, but I’ve been sober the whole time I’ve been famous, so it wasn’t like I had to go to rehab publicly.”

Once the adorable child star of the classic remake The Parent Trap, Lindsay Lohan has publicly struggled with different aspects of her life, including drug and alcohol abuse, DUI arrests, jail time, and multiple stays in rehab. Like many celebs, Daniel Radcliffe said a pattern of problem drinking began in the face of insecurities about his talent and career, compounded with the pressures of handling fame at a young age. The marked personality changes that it brought about, as well as the negative health effects, led the young actor to seek treatment and, ultimately, live an alcohol-free life since 2010. Behind the glitz and glamour, Efron encountered formidable challenges related to substance misuse, leading him to make a pivotal choice for his health and sobriety. This decision transcended the personal realm; Efron actively utilized media outlets to discuss the relentless pressures of Hollywood and how they could catalyze substance abuse.

celebrities alcohol addiction

celebrities alcohol addiction

“I just loved to get fucked-up — drinking, cocaine, opiates, marijuana, diet pills, pain pills, everything,” he told Playboy. Goodman struggled with alcoholism for years and even drank while filming the original “Roseanne.” At one point, star Roseanne Barr confronted him about it. In his memoir, the “Friends” star revealed that his recovery journey included 6,000 AA meetings, at least 15 stints in rehab, and dozens of detoxes. In a 2022 interview with the New York Times, the actor estimated that he spent $9 million trying to get sober.

Sober living

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